PEST Plastics Exposure team

The EU industry federations have catalogued all of the currently known downstream uses for polymer additives and these uses which are listed in this database have been translated into REACH use descriptors according to the ECHA guidance. These uses will be taken into consideration when substance producers/importers are compiling their registration dossiers. Downstream users of substances are invited to consult this database with regard to completeness and to dialogue with their trade body or supplier accordingly.  

PEST is working, with financial and manpower support of the attached list of EU industry federations on developing Generic Exposure Scenarios under which most of the thermoplastics additives in  applications and processes can be considered safe. Those Generic Exposure Scenarios shall be the basis for the manufacturer’s and importer’s registration dossiers to be submitted by 1 December 2010 to the European Chemical Agency. Regular update of Generic Exposure Scenarios will be made and published.


Please find here our  communications page 2010/1.pdf 

as well as the            communications page 2010/2.pdf 

and the latest            communications page 2010/3.pdf


 The GES exemplification can be assessed by the PEST members through the tab "Thermoplastics additives". Please login and register yourself in order to have access.  

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